Blends & Specialities

Tailor-made blends and hi-tec milk powder adaptations!

Blends & Specialities - ADPI extra grade milk powder with added sugarFor nearly 50 years we have been arranging for tailor-made blends to be made available to customers across the world.


Blends & Specialities

Standard export commodities

Blends of…
ADPI extra grade milk powders
with food ingredients(Sugar, cocoa powder,…)
  Butter fat and food ingredients.( Salt, sugar, vegetable fat,… )

Export specials

ADPI extra grade milk powders with hi-tec adaptations
Protein or lactose reduced
Dry blended with dairy ingredients
Dry blended with vegetable fats
IDF 2-1 ( min. ) butter oil with hi-tec adaptations
With sugar for ice-cream industry
With cocoa for chocolate industry
With vegetable fat for bakery industry
With citrate for processed cheese industry etc.


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